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Over Head
Carbon fiber styling with 2-way communication, dynamic mic, PTT, and universal radio connector makes the H22 one of the most popular headsets from Rugged. With professional features and superior design, the H22 offers both comfort and clear audio performance to handle any need from the track to industrial to construction applications.
Behind Head
Behind-the-Head design. This headset is used in applications from auto racing to industrial, and heavy equipment operation, providing tough reliable 2-way communication.
Available in - Orange, Pink, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.
Over Head ( Single Sided )
Single side over-the-head headset. The H15 is the perfect headset when one ear needs to be open to the outside environment. Popular with race and pit crews, track officials, crew chiefs, mechanics, etc..
Headset with Antenna
External antenna adaptor and VHF or UHF Ducky XL Antenna for handheld radios and behind the head communication headsets. Simply clamp the antenna bracket to the headset as shown in the photo and attach the Ducky antenna. This headset antenna adaptor is perfect for spotters and crew chiefs, increasing your range and transmit levels for your handheld radio.
Helmet Speakers 
Velcro mount speakers with 3.5mm mono plug. Perfect for motocross, street, and other helmet applications. Universal 3.5mm jack works with all iPhones, iPods, and most MP3 players.
​Challenger Ear Buds

Challenger semi custom ear molds with 1/8" mono plug for racing helmets.  Based off of a custom style mold made to fit a variety of ears, these earbuds will have you hearing great quality audio while blocking out environmental noise.​

​Race Bud Speakers
Professional Series Challenger II foam ear bud speakers with 1/8" mono plug. For the clearest race radio communications possible.
AlphaBud foam ear bud speakers with a 3.5mm mono plug. Utilizing advanced miniature transducers instens of standard speakers.
​Boom Mic, Speakers & 3.5mm jack
This complete offroad flex boom helmet kit features Rugged Radios' new Dura-Link Sealed Connector, Clear Hear speakers and dynamic noise canceling mic for best audio performance. Helmet speakers are easy to install with peal and stick velcro back.
Mic, Speakers & 3.5m jack for ear buds or ipod.
Boom Mic & 3.5mm jack
This offroad flex boom helmet kit features Rugged Radios' new Dura-Link Sealed Connector, dynamic noise canceling mic for best audio performance, and 3.5mm input port for ear buds or helmet sepakers.
Boom Mic & Speakers
This complete offroad flex boom helmet kit features the new Dura-Link Sealed Connector, Clear Hear speakers and dybanic noise canceling mic for best audio performance.

Boom Mic, Speakers & 3.5mm jack
Circuit Racing Helmet Kit with Dynamic Mic, flex boom, speakers, and straight cord.                                                                     Tough black molded 4-Conductor Plug. Total Shield RF reflective cable. Powerful high output speakers.                                              Race Helmet kits offer clear communications and are easy to install. With the new DNC background noise cancelling mics your driver communications will be crystal clear every time.                                                                                                                         Options availble - Boom mic with two speakers, Boom mic with 3.5m socket for ear buds, Boom mic with 2 speakers with coil cord.
Boom Mic & 3.5mm jack
IMSA Helmet kit with M102 Dynamic Military Mic, flex boom, Speakers and straight cord.  Tough black molded 4-conductor Plug.

IMSA Helmet kit with M102 Dynamic Military Mic, flex boom, Speakers and straight cord.  Tough black molded 4-conductor Plug with coil cord.
​Helmet Kit & Cables
Motocycle Body Harness. Features Rugged Total shield to give you clear communications when you need it.

​Velcro Mount

Velcro mount PTT ( Push to Talk ) for motorcycle, mounts with the popular offroad jack. Easily mount to any handlebar with wrap-around velcro strap.

​Headset Cable - Icom
Headset leads to portable radios. Right angle coil cord for several brands and models of 2-pin
handheld radios.
​Intercom Cables
Complete your communications with this mobile radio jumper. Connect your 2-way radio to your wiring harness, intercom. Icom mobile or portable radios.

​Headset Cable - Motorola
Available for the following mobels: Moto TRB, GP300, GP328, GP328 Plus

​Radio Jumper Cables
The 2-Pin jumper fits several brands and models of portable radios. Complete your communications with this jumper cable. Connect your 2-way radio to your wiring harness.

​Adapter Cables ( made to order )
We carry a full range of adapter leads.
And more ...........
​Speaker Mics
Compact yet rugged Speaker mic enables users to talk and listen without removing the radio from the belt or case. All communication transmits through the speaker mic which allows you to communicate without having to stop what you're doing.
​Radio Holder ( In Car )
​Motorsport Communications Portable radio holder, Strong Aluminium, Powder coated in black, Drain hole / Cable hole.
​Blade Antenna
The UHF Stealth Blade Antenna can be mounted virtually anywhere without obstruction due to its ultra slim design, and features a 10" whip. 450-470mHz, 2.14DBI

​Pacific Mounts
We carry full range of aerials - UHF & VHF Antenna's, Mounts, Coax, BNC's, PL259. Please send us an email with your needs.

​Fast Mount
Longhaul Pro Antennas are built with rugged components to give superb electrical performance. 
Two Person Pumper

The all new M3 (MAC3.2) takes helmet air pressure to a new level. With the constant demand for more air flow in pumper style helmets, the M3 builds pressure and forces high volume air at a much higher rate of speed. Using a special built high static pressure fan the M3 produces 5 times the pressure and more volume than any other helmet pumper available! Built from light weight carbon fiber and 6061 billet aluminum the M3 is a feather weight at only 1.6 pounds. Small, compact and easy to mount with our exclusive half clamp bar mounts available in most tubing sizes. ​ ( Orded as needed )

​Pumper Hose
4 foot, light weight, and very flexible blower to helmet hose. Perfect for the MAC series, Parker Pumper RaceAir, Fast Air, and other models. Stay connected to your helmet.
Please call for more info.

​We have a full range of spare parts in stock ...... Please email us and we can supply what you need.
Intercom & Radios
Radios - Car to Pits
This is just a small amount of gear we can supply, Please email or phone us with your needs.